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GO Fit

GO Fit A 30-minute high-intensity class incorporating weight training, cardiovascular training, core training and endurance. For this class we adopt principles like AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible), EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute) or the ``I Go You Go`` format and apply them to your workout. You go entirely at your own pace and [...] Read More

GO Primal

Primal High intensity training that uses dynamic bodyweight movements to ensure you work and sweat hard! Read More

GO Bootcamp

Bootcamp As seen on TV3’s Xpose GO Bootcamp is the perfect 6-week commitment to a healthier and happier you! With two classes per week, nutrition advice and group support the GO Bootcamp is the perfect training partner! Read More

GO Lift

GO Lift The perfect introduction to lifting weights. This class goes through techniques and training of some resistance training exercises both on the gym floor and in the studio. Learn to lift with Go Gym! Read More

GO Pump

GO Pump Our GO Pump class is a high-intensity lifting class. Get lean, get toned and get sweaty with a mix of barbell exercises and cardio intervals. A perfect class to start building some strength and sculpting the body. Read More

GO Sweat

GO Sweat A calorie burning 30-minute workout sure to get the heart racing. Go Sweat incorporates elements of cardio and resistance training to make sure you get a fully rounded workout to start your day right. Read More

GO TRX & Kettlebells

GO TRX & Kettlebells Member – FREE A fast-paced class to elevate the heart rate and burn fat! Kettlebells and TRX have been around for 100’s of years, the combination of both in a 30 minutes class will help make you lean and strong and also improve your cardiovascular output. If you are looking for [...] Read More

GO Ball

GO Ball A great and fun class to improve muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. This class helps develop stability and balance and is great for strengthening the core and improving balance. Read More

GO Spin

GO Spin Our spinning ranges from 30 mins to an hour. It is a high intensity and energy driven class. We even add some extra flavour with some new and old Hip Hop songs, dance moves, and sprints! Each of our instructors has individual playlists, themes and moves. Come down Give it a go, its [...] Read More

GO Kettlebell

GO Kettlebell This is a toning and core class with kettlebells we perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. An amazing way to tone your body and to radically improve fitness levels and drop blood pressure. It’s the ultimate body toning and fat burning class! Read More